Projects for M.Sc and Ph.D thesis

  1. Bose-Fermi Systems and Computer Algebra (SymbolicC++)
  2. Exceptional Lie Algebras and Integrable Dynamical Systems
  3. Solve routines for SymbolicC++
  4. Integration in SymbolicC++
  5. Gene Expression Programming and bitwise operations (chip design)
  6. Gene Expression Programming and algebraic simplification
  7. Gene Expression Programming and symbolic integration
  8. SymbolicC++ and XML
  9. Quantum Algorithms
  10. Quantum Zeno effect
  11. Spherical goniometry and spacecraft attitude determination and a C++/Java class
  12. Multi-Expression Programming and a C++/Java Implementation
  13. Casimir Operators, Lie Algebras and Computer Algebra
  14. Yang-Mills Equations, Self-Dual Yang Mills Equations and Computer Algebra
  15. Clifford Group, Pauli Group, Bitstrings and Computer Algebra
  16. Braid Groups and Computer Algebra
  17. Discrete Differential Forms and Computer Algebra
  18. Quantum λ Calculus
  19. Quantum π Calculus
  20. Quantum Optics and Computer Algebra
  21. Graviton Photon Interaction