Project for Diploma in Scientific Computing and Software Engineering

We prefer that the candidate chooses a project from his/her own work/study field which he then discusses with us. If he/she does not find a suitable project from his/her own field, he/she can have a look at the project titles listed below. The project should, in general, include a design (using the methodology and notation studied in the course on Object-Oriented Analysis and Design) and a software package which have to be demonstrated.

Some suggested topics for the diploma project

Administration and Finance

Dynamical Systems, Chaos and Fractals

Compilers, Interpreters and Parsers

Distributed and Parallel Processing

Quantum Computing

Fuzzy Sets and Expert System


Information Theory and Maximum Entropy Inference

Neural Networks

Other Numerical Methods Projects


Signal Processing

Utility Programs

For further information contact

  1. Prof. Willi-Hans Steeb