Certificate Course


Programming in Java (Beginner Course)

A complete manuscript is provided as postscript file or pdf file. The course can also be done as self-study.

Java has been developed by Sun. It is an object-oriented programming language which is compiled to a platform-independent binary code which is then typically interpreted by the Web-browser. This enables people to run your program independent of their platform (whether they are running Windows, OS/2, Unix, Linux, or any other operating system). As a platform-independent programming language for the Internet, Java has tremendous potential and has gained immense popularity. The built-in support for multi-threading and distributed objects (via Java Beans) makes Java particularly useful for parallel and distributed computing allowing one to solve computationally demanding problems (e.g. neural networks, global optimization via genetic algorithms).

After completing this course you will be able to develop Java applications and Java applets. We will start with a thorough introduction into the Java programming language, covering the Java 1.5.0 standard. You shall then learn about writing platform-independent GUI-applications and how simple it is to port an application to an applet which typically runs in a Web Browser (being typically launched from your Web pages).

Finally, the Java standard includes a socket class library which makes TCP/IP and UDP/IP communication as simple as reading from or writing to a file. We shall develop networking applications which download web pages as well as simple and more complicated client-server systems. This will enable you to develop client-server systems for your company, allowing on-line querying and ordering over the Internet. The TCP/IP support would be used when solving complex scientific computing problems

  • Introduction
  • Java Basics
  • Classes and Objects
  • Inheritence and Abstract Class
  • The GUI and its Components
  • Exception Handling
  • File Manipulations
  • Threads
  • Animation
  • Networking
  • Java 2 Collection Frame Work
  • The Swing Components
  • Resources and Web Sites


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