Special Sessions:

Participants are invited to host special sessions and/or workshops. Should you wish to host a special session you are invited to contact rbrits@uj.ac.za in that regard.

The following special sessions will be hosted at this year's congress:

Graph Theory

Finite Groups and Combinatorial Structures

The following workshop will be hosted at this year's congress:

NSC Curriculum for Out-of-School Candidates, Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy

The Department of Education has established working groups to adapt the NSC to accommodate out-of-school candidates in the areas of Language, Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy, Social and Human Sciences, and Natural Sciences. The NSC for Out-of-School Candidates is to be equivalent in value and status to the normal NSC, although the curriculum and the mode of delivery will be different. The primary task of the mathematical working group is to develop appropriate curricula for Mathematics (Dr Carol Bohlmann) and Mathematical Literacy (Mr Robert Prince), which will also include Learning Programme Guidelines and Subject Assessment Guidelines. It is important that we engage academics from across the Higher Education sector to obtain input on different aspects of the proposed curricula. To this end delegates at the 2009 SAMS Congress are invited to participate in a special session to consider the Mathematics curriculum.

For more information please contact Carol Bohlmann.