Applied Mathematics 2B

Introduction to Numerical Analysis


Emailing Instructions:


·         The subject line of the email must be preceded by “APM2B10:” (without the quotation marks). For example, an email sent to request a consultation appointment would have a subject line that looks as follows: “Subject: APM2B10: Consultation”.

·         Emails must be formal.

·         The email must be signed off with the following format (without the quotation marks): “Surname, Initials (Student Number, Title)”.

·         Due to the required format, there is no need to specify the course in the body of the email and there is no need to specify student credentials in the body of the email.

·         Emails which fail to adhere to the specified format will be overlooked.





Email addresses:

· – Group 2 Lecturer and Course Co-ordinator

· – Group 1 Lecturer